What happens when you mix art with happy hour?

By Khalid Salaam
March 04, 2016
Courtesy of Waldorf Astoria Chicago

To honor the Art Institute of Chicago’s new Vincent Van Gogh exhibit, the Waldorf Astoria Chicago is serving a cocktail inspired by the 19th-century painter.

According to Michael Douglas, the hotel’s food and beverage manager, The Vincent is a drink the famed post-Impressionist would have drank himself: “Everyone knows he had a love affair with absinthe, however it’s not palatable to the modern consumer, so it couldn’t be overpowering with (absinthe) flavor," he says. "So we added other things. Van Gogh’s first critically acclaimed piece of art called was called 'The Potato Eaters,' so that naturally led us to vodka. Then we needed something sweeter to balance and that’s where the yellow chartreuse came in.” Want to give it a try? The recipe, below:

The Vincent

1.5 oz. potato vodka

.75 oz. yellow chartreuse

.25 oz. lemon juice

.125 oz. absinthe

Lemon swath (garnish)


Add all ingredients into the mixing glass. Add ice. Stir together for 30 seconds. Strain and pour into glass. Expel oils from lemon swath over drink. Then, use lemon swath and rub on rim of glass. Finally, place lemon swath into drink.