Here's What People Across the Country Are Ordering on Uber Eats During Quarantine

No surprise, French fries came out on top.

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Across the country, countless restaurants have been forced to close for dining in, relying on take-out and delivery orders to stay afloat.

For Uber Eats, that has resulted in a more than a 30 percent increase in orders from independent restaurants since mid-March, the company told Travel + Leisure. And through the pandemic, people’s cravings have remained varied, but largely focused on comfort food with French fries and crab rangoon being popular choices.

“This health crisis has impacted the lives of millions of people who work in the restaurant industry, including our delivery people, and we want to do what we can to support them when it matters most,” Janelle Sallenave, the head of Uber Eats for the U.S. and Canada, told us. “We've seen our customers ordering a variety of their local favorites, and that's one huge way to help the restaurant community.”

In an effort to help promote local businesses, Uber Eats has also waived delivery fees for independent restaurants and created an in-app feature so people can donate directly to restaurants.

According to the delivery company, French fries were the most popular dish ordered in March, followed by pad Thai and garlic naan. While soda was the No. 1 beverage ordered, that was followed by international drinks, including Thai iced tea and horchata, a traditional sweet Mexican drink.

Speaking of sweets, Uber Eats said the most popular desserts in March were tiramisu, baklava, and cheesecake, while soup-lovers turned to Chinese cuisine with wonton soup and hot and sour soup making up two of the three most popular options.

Each state certainly has a favorite meal too. It’s no surprise that the most-ordered dish in Pennsylvania is the cheesesteak, but in Oklahoma, for example, people are craving spicy tuna rolls.

See below what your state's most popular take-out dish was in March:

Arizona: French Fries

California: Chicken Tikka Masala

Colorado: Carne Asada Fries

Connecticut: Burrito Bowl

Florida: French Fries

Georgia: Pad Thai

Hawaii: BBQ Mixed Plate

Illinois: French Fries

Indiana: Waffle Fries

Iowa: Large Poké Bowl

Kentucky: Pad Thai

Louisiana: Chips and Queso

Maine: Cheese Pazzo Bread

Maryland: Egg, Bacon, and Cheese

Massachusetts: Burrito

Michigan: Pad Thai

Minnesota: Garlic Naan

Missouri: Crab Rangoon

Montana: Enchiladas

Nevada: Chicken Teriyaki Bowl

New Jersey: Chicken Sandwich

New York: Jerk Chicken

North Carolina: Nachos

Ohio: Notso Fries

Oklahoma: Spicy Tuna Roll

Oregon: Fried Chicken

Pennsylvania: Cheesesteak

Rhode Island: Hot Dog

South Carolina: French Fries

Tennessee: Pad Thai

Texas: Pad Thai

Utah: Carne Asada Fries

Virginia: French Fries

Washington: French Fries

Wisconsin: Crab Rangoon

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