By Brooke Porter Katz
August 28, 2015
Credit: Courtesy of Try Treats

I’ve written about travel-themed snack subscription boxes before—but now there’s a new game in town. Try Treats was launched just a few months ago by tech entrepreneur Roger Jin, who spent his childhood living in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. The inaugural box showcases products from Japan, which I was happy to see included a healthy mix of sweet (strawberry-coasted pretzel Pocky, Morinaga milk caramels) and savory (baked shrimp crisps, rice crackers), all in full-sixed packages.

Standard boxes—which include four to five different snacks—are $12.95 a month, while the premium version is double the size. (Both have free shipping in the U.S.) Up next: Korea. Expect treats like the iconic Choco Pie, a little chocolate cake with marshmallow filling, and Oreo-flavored Pepero cookie sticks. Not one to limit himself, Jin has plans to showcase non-Asian countries in the future (there were talks of Brazil, but that’s yet to be confirmed).

For 15 percent off your first month’s box, enter the code “TRAVEL.”