By Andrea Romano
November 08, 2019
Jetblue x Truly
Credit: Courtesy of JetBlue

Hard seltzer lovers rejoice. You never have to go without your favorite low carb, low calorie drink on your flight again — as long as you fly on JetBlue.

In a joint statement released by both the airline and Truly hard seltzer this week, JetBlue is now offering the bubbly beverage on all of its flights, making it the first airline to carry any brand of the trendy, hard seltzer.

“We are constantly listening to our customers and diversifying our inflight offerings to make sure we're making the products they love on the ground available to them in the skies," JetBlue's Director of Product Development Mariya Stoyanova said. "Bringing Truly hard seltzer on board is another fun way to deliver on our promise of providing a preferred customer experience with our partners at The Boston Beer Company.”

Jetblue x Truly
Credit: Courtesy of JetBlue

As of November, passengers looking to cut carbs but still enjoy a nice, in-flight cocktail will be able to order a can of Truly Wild Berry as their drink of choice. Right now, the airline is offering one flavor from the drink brand. Each 12-ounce can is packed with tastes of strawberry, raspberry and blackberry flavors.

Hard seltzer, for those who haven’t caught on to the craze, is not a mixed drink like a vodka soda. Instead, these beverages derive their alcohol from fermented sugar, according to USA Today. The beverage also has fewer calories than beer and less alcohol than a mixed cocktail,

Lesya Lysyj, CMO of The Boston Beer Company, said, “Just like JetBlue, Truly is always looking for ways to innovate, push the status quo and deliver more of what drinkers and customers want, and we can't think of a better partner for Truly's first flight.”

According to USA Today, hard seltzer had been named the “buzziest” drink of summer 2019, and there are no signs of its popularity dwindling.

Not only have various brands of seltzer, including Truly, White Claw, and Henry’s, become household names, they’re also quickly becoming staples at pretty much every party, barbecue, and bar across the country.