By Talia Avakian
February 28, 2019
Alexander Spatari/Getty Images

How often you travel can influence how often you’re having breakfast, a new survey from Hyatt Place found.

Surveying a total of 1,507 U.S. respondents, the brand found that the majority of those who travel at least six times or more per year (categorized as frequent travelers) eat breakfast at least three or more days per week.

According to the survey, 63 percent of frequent travelers have breakfast at least three or more days per week, while 45 percent of infrequent travelers (travelers who traveled five times or less per year) also do the same. Close to half of frequent travelers (49 percent) say they eat breakfast more often during travels than when at home, while 40 percent of infrequent travelers say the same.

For frequent travelers, having the extra time on a trip is what helps them have breakfast more frequently, while infrequent travelers note the fact that breakfast is prepared for them by someone as a primary reason for having the meal more often during a trip.

Frequent travelers even listed eating breakfast as one of the top three things they would do if they had an extra 30 minutes each morning, while the majority of infrequent travelers chose getting additional sleep as a top priority with an extra half hour each morning.

When it came to both sets of respondents, the survey also found breakfast is a big deciding choice for travelers when picking hotels. A total of 53 percent of all Americans, and nearly two-thirds of frequent travelers (or 63 percent), cited breakfast offerings as the reason they picked a particular hotel.

When it comes to the breakfast that’s most preferred, 26 percent of Americans said their top choice would be eggs or an omelet, while 15 percent prefer a breakfast sandwich, and 8 percent would choose pancakes.

And it turns out that having breakfast isn’t just an important way to get energy for the day, but it can also serve as a way to meet new people, with one in three frequent travelers reporting having met someone new while having breakfast at a hotel.

Considering breakfast can be a big deciding factor when choosing a hotel, Hyatt Place has unveiled a new regional breakfast experience at its properties across the U.S., giving guests the option to sample dishes utilizing local ingredients across U.S. regions that include areas like the South, the Heartland and the Southwest, among others.

Menu offerings in each property will vary depending on which region they’re located in. For example, Hyatt Place hotels in the South will have sweet potato and roasted corn hash, buttermilk biscuits with country sausage gravy, and cornbread. Hotels in the Heartland will include options like a scramble bowl with diced shoulder bacon, while properties in the Southwest will feature dishes like chocolate churro bread pudding and breakfast tacos with pork carnitas.