30+ Trader Joe's Items That Are Perfect for Fall

Find pumpkin-flavored everything at your local Trader Joe's this fall.

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It’s officially fall, and that means that it’s time for colorful foliage, pumpkin-spiced everything, and autumn-inspired seasonal items at Trader Joe’s. If you’ve visited your local Trader Joe’s recently, you’ve probably been amazed by the sheer number of seasonal items. Walking through the aisles, you’ll spot your usual favorites among displays of delightful-sounding pumpkin-, maple-, and cider-flavored goodies that are just too tempting to pass up, Every year, favorites like pumpkin waffles and pumpkin bread mix fly off the shelves, and with plenty of savory options, including pumpkin samosas, soups, and pasta, you could pack every meal of the day with hearty autumnal goodness.

Here are over 30 of the best Trader Joe’s fall items.

1. Spiced Cider

Is it really fall without a nice, hot (or cold) cup of cider? This product has been a seasonal mainstay at Trader Joe’s for over 20 years, and honestly, fall just doesn’t feel right without it.

2. Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese

Trader Joe’s has some seriously delicious frozen meals, which is a feat in itself, and this butternut squash mac and cheese has been one of the season’s most popular choices.

3. Cinnamon Bun Spread

Cinnamon is one of those flavors that makes us feel cozy and warm, and this spread is basically the delicious, gooey part of the breakfast treat. Top your pumpkin waffles with this for a fall breakfast.

4. Pumpkin Bread and Muffin Mix

You only need three additional ingredients and about an hour to bake a perfect, warm loaf of everyone’s favorite fall treat — pumpkin bread. Take it up a notch by adding dried fruit or chocolate chips.

5. Petite Pumpkin Spice Cookies

Like a fall version of a frosted animal cookie, each pumpkin-shaped, pumpkin-spiced cookie is covered in a sweet orange or white coating. They’re absolutely adorable and totally addictive.

6. Haunted House Cookie Kit

If you visit Trader Joe’s before Halloween, grab an adorable haunted house chocolate cookie kit — it’s basically a gingerbread house for the spooky season.

7. Pumpkin Bagels

With regular and gluten-free options, everyone can enjoy an orange pumpkin breakfast this fall.

8. Toscano Cheese Dusted With Cinnamon

The cheese section is one of our favorites at Trader Joe’s because it has everything you need to create a perfect grazing board. Give your standard cheese board a seasonal twist with this tasty cheese dusted with cinnamon.

9. Mini Spicy Pumpkin Samosas

If you thought pumpkin was limited to sweet treats like pie, think again. These mini samosas are packed with spiced pumpkin and paneer for a tasty take on the triangle-shaped snack.

10. Pumpkin Empanadas

Of course, there’s more than one kind of pumpkin finger food in the freezer section, but these pumpkin empanadas are better for dessert with their sweet pumpkin filling and flaky crust.

11. Pumpkin Waffles

Pop these pumpkin waffles in the toaster for a quick, fall-inspired breakfast — you can find them in the freezer section, too.

12. Hold the Cone Pumpkin Ginger Mini Ice Cream Cones

We already love the classic Hold the Cone mini ice cream cones, but these offer seasonal flavors with a gingery cone and pumpkin ice cream covered in a sweet vanilla coating.

13. Pumpkin Pie Spiced Ginger Brew

Ginger beer and pumpkin pie spice might seem like an odd combination, but this will be your go-to for an easy but perfectly autumnal Moscow mule. Thank us later.

14. Fall Zucchette Pasta

Naturally colored with paprika for an orange hue, this adorable pumpkin-shaped pasta is sure to elevate your fall dinners. Pair it with the Autumnal Harvest pasta sauce for a perfect fall meal.

15. Autumnal Harvest Pasta Sauce

This tomato-based sauce has pumpkin, butternut squash, and carrots, along with some flavorful spices. Serve it with the pasta above and top with parmesan.

16. Non-dairy Maple Oat Beverage

Your local grocery store probably has bottles of pumpkin spice creamer, but what about a maple oat beverage? For those who are over the whole pumpkin spice trend, opt for this non-dairy maple drink in your morning cup of coffee.

17. Apple Cider Fruit Spread

This apple cider-flavored spread is perfect for using atop your morning toast or in recipes that call for jams or jellies.

18. Autumnal Harvest Soup

Basically a hug in a bowl, this soup, made with tomatoes, butternut squash, and pumpkin, is perfect for chilly autumn days.

19. Gluten-free Ginger Turmeric Granola

If you prefer granola over waffles, TJ’s has you covered with this gluten-free granola. Coconut and candied ginger pieces are added to the granola base, which is flavored with turmeric, ginger powder, and cinnamon.

20. Pumpkin Bisque

Get excited, seasonal soup lovers: This thick and creamy bisque was a hit last year, and now it’s back.

21. Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookie Mix

Another easy-to-make mix that requires only three additional ingredients, this pumpkin chocolate chip oatmeal blend combines some of the best cookie flavors into one seasonal treat.

22. Fall Leaf Corn Tortilla Chips

There’s no pumpkin spice here. These adorable tortilla chips look just like fall foliage, with leaf shapes and colorful hues of red, orange, and gold.

23. Pumpkin Pancake and Waffle Mixes

Yes, there are frozen, ready-to-eat pumpkin waffles on this list already, but it’s worth adding the pumpkin pancake and waffle mix (which also comes in a gluten-free version) for those who want a more DIY approach.

24. Spicy Pumpkin Curry Sauce

Inspired by Thai curries, this tasty sauce is vegan, and it has a nice spicy kick.

25. Pumpkin Rolls

Think cinnamon rolls, but better. These pumpkin rolls come with pumpkin spice icing for a breakfast that will have you jumping out of bed this fall.

26. Cinnamon Bun Cookies

These soft cinnamon bun cookies offer all the flavor without the baking. They have a cinnamon-infused cream filling that’s sure to win over customers who love the classic breakfast pastry.

27. Maple & Sea Salt Kettle Corn

Kettle corn is already amazing, but the addition of maple sugar makes this snack perfect for fall.

28. Pumpkin Spice Batons

These pumpkin spice wafer cookies are the perfect accompaniment to your pumpkin spice latte (or just a regular cup of coffee).

29. Pumpkin Cranberry Crisps

Perfect for a fall cheese board, these pumpkin cranberry crisps are crunchy and flavorful.

30. Pumpkin Spice Pretzel Slims

If you love a sweet and salty combo, you’ll want to grab these pumpkin spice pretzel slims. They’re coated in pumpkin-spiced yogurt and sprinkled with pumpkin-spiced pumpkin seeds.

31. Campanology Coffee Peanut Butter Cup Porter and Howling Gourds Pumpkin Ale

While you’re at Trader Joe’s, why not pick up one of these seasonal beers? Both offer unique flavors perfect for autumn.

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