The Après Whiskey Cart of Colorado’s The Remedy is tended by a fellow who calls himself the “Doctor of Drinks.”
Credit: Four Seasons Resort & Residences Vail

In Vail, a cozy new steel-accented lobby bar named The Remedy (inside Four Seasons) offers an interactive take on the traditional aprés-ski refresher: tableside cocktail service.

Aligning with the bar’s theme of vintage-inspired cures and tonics, the Aprés Whiskey Cart is tended by a man who calls himself the Doctor of Drinks. Luckily, no appointments are necessary—when the cart is in operation (select evenings throughout the week), a sign reading “the doctor is in residence” is posted to the bar’s Library area. Flagging down the self-professed hooch healer is as simple as raising your hand.

So how does it work? A set menu of 2-3 cocktails is prepared for the evening—anything from Bloody Marys to a gin-based number called The Medicine Cabinet—and the Doctor concocts them, Benihana-style, in plain view.

In case that sounds limiting (why choose from 2-3 cocktails when you can walk up to the bar and enjoy the full menu?), the Doctor assures us no request goes unfulfilled. “I’m a mad scientist of sorts,” he explains, signaling to his custom-built pushcart, armed with gleaming copper mugs, swizzle sticks, and an array of different-shaped glasses.

“Plus, I’m always willing to provide a private consultation to customize a specific remedy based on an individual’s needs.” He adds: “There is nothing we cannot prepare with this cart.”