It’s ok to have a cookie for breakfast when it’s got espresso, right?

By Andrea Beck /
July 30, 2019
Courtesy of Walmart

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Coffee lovers everywhere, get pumped! Making espresso-flavored desserts is about to get even easier. Nestlé Toll House, famous for their chocolate chips and the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe, is making espresso-flavored morsels. We haven’t been this excited for new baking chips since Christmastime, when Bailey’s released their luxurious Irish Cream chips.

It’s clear that Nestlé pulled out all the stops for these enticing espresso morsels. They’re made with real roasted coffee, so adding them to your cookie dough adds the same flavors as your morning cup of Joe (though you certainly won't get the same caffeine boost as a full cup of coffee.) And since the morsels will be gooey and soft after baking, they add more texture than just adding coffee or espresso powder to desserts.

Courtesy of Walmart

Buy It: Nestlé Toll House Espresso Morsels, $2.97, Walmart

You can find Nestlé Toll House’s Espresso Morsels at Walmart, and should be able to spot them at other stores soon, too. All that’s left is to figure out what you’re going to make with them first—the packaging suggests chocolate cookies with espresso chips, but we think they’d also be great baked into brownies, topping off a homemade iced coffee, or even mixed into Nestlé’s edible cookie dough.