Zauo Restaurant NYC
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An upcoming New York City restaurant will put “farm-to-table” restaurants to shame by letting customers catch their own meal.

Zauo, the Japanese chain where customers catch their own fish for sushi, will soon open a restaurant in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood, according to Eater New York.

If the New York outposts operates anything like the restaurants in Japan, guests are seated at tables that surround a pool in the middle of the restaurant. They purchase bait and wait for something to bite. Once they get their catch, servers take the fish back to the kitchen where it is then turned into sushi, tempura fried or grilled.

The tank is filled with sea breams, soles, horse mackerels and Japanese lobsters. There are also bullhead sharks and rays that swim in the tank but those are not to be eaten.

Zauo Restaurant NYC
Credit: 裕輝 T/Andrea G. via

For customers who don’t have any luck getting fish to bite, a server is on hand to help (although it’s cheaper to wait for a fish to come along and do it yourself). But don’t worry. The restaurant’s website ensures that it’s very easy, saying “It is very rare not to get fish even if you are a beginner.” And for those who don’t like seafood, there will be other items available on the menu.

There’s no time frame yet on when the restaurant is scheduled to open. But a Zauo location could soon be opening up in San Francisco, as well.