By Stacey Leasca
November 24, 2019

For sugar lovers, there’s no better time of year than the holiday season. It gives us all the excuse we need to eat every cookie, piece of chocolate, or slice of pie we want. But, this year, rather than eat the same old sweets, why not make it your year to finally visit the world’s first marshmallow cafe instead?

Credit: Courtesy of XO Marshmellow Cafe

In 2017, Chicago welcomed the world’s first marshmallow-focused cafe, XO Marshmallow. Inside, guests can order up a drink from its full-service espresso bar, any of its plentiful marshmallow-based treats, and more. And, as the cafe says, “All of our marshmallows are made in house and are full of LOVE!”

"For us, the Wonderland is this really whimsical space we've created for people to come in and have a really good time," co-owner Lindzi Shanks told DNA Info after the cafe’s opening. "The way I see it is, let's say it's February, and it's been snowing and you're having a really terrible day, the idea is you can come in here to the cafe and Wonderland and just not help but have a smile on your face."

The cafe’s menu consists of four distinct s’more recipes including the classic s’more with graham cracker, chocolate, and a vanilla marshmallow. It also has options for a s’maco (a s’more taco), a cookie s’more, and a salted caramel s’more. Guests can also create their own s’more as well to pair with its gourmet hot chocolate, latte, and coffee drinks.

But, there’s more to this cafe than just the menu. It’s also an Instagram heaven thanks to its bright and light furniture, colorful throw pillows, and adorable lighting.

Credit: Courtesy of XO Marshmellow Cafe

The shop even offers up its own marshmallow decorating class where guests are given a 6"x6" slab of gourmet Vanilla Marshmallows to decorate however they wish. The shop provides all the fixings including cookie cutters, sprinkles, chocolate, and more. So go ahead, eat the sugar, spread a little joy, and deal with the sugar crash later.