He’ll likely add more Michelin stars to his portfolio as he helms a new fine dining spot.

By Amy McKeever
April 12, 2016
© LOOK Die Bildagentur der Fotografen GmbH / Alamy

Long one of the most opulent chateaux in the world, the Palace of Versailles will soon boast one of the most opulent travel experiences in the world. The iconic French estate announced that it has tapped chef Alain Ducasse and the LOV Hotel Collection to open its long-awaited luxury hotel and fine dining restaurant on the same premises once roamed by Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette.

Though the palace hasn’t revealed many details about the project just yet, here’s what is clear: the hotel will comprise about 20 rooms and “will be classical and refined, in the style of the 18th century,” a press release states. The project will span three palace buildings, including the Grand Control Building, Small Control Building, and the Pavilion of the First 100 Steps. CTV News reports that the hotel is expected to open in 2018 after a 14 million euro (about $16 million) renovation.

Meanwhile, Ducasse—who is French royalty himself—will be in charge of an haute cuisine restaurant that will undoubtedly aim to add more Michelin stars to the chef’s twinkling collection. Unfortunately, a representative for Ducasse says that there is no name or information available yet about the forthcoming dining venue. So stay tuned.

On the bright side, food lovers won’t have to wait long for a taste of Ducasse at Versailles. As it happens, the chef was asked late last year to open a separate project—a contemporary French cafe called Ducasse at Versailles-Ore—on the first floor of the Dufour Pavilion. Slated to open sometime this spring, Ore is expected to offer a “warm and friendly place to take a break and eat” for visitors touring the palace.

As Ducasse explained, “Ore” is Latin for “mouth” and refers to the beloved French tradition of finding pleasure in gastronomy. Louis XIV would approve.