The Restaurant of Order Mistakes is making a very important statement.
Maggie's Tokyo Dementia Restaurant

Getting the wrong order at a restaurant is the number one nuisance for diners. However, there is one restaurant making mistakes for a good cause.

A pop-up restaurant in Tokyo, Japan called The Restaurant of Order Mistakes only employs waiters with dementia in order to decrease stigma and spread awareness.

Customers might come in wanting a hamburger without cheese or extra pickles on the side, but what they get might be completely different — and at this restaurant it’s not only completely expected, it’s part of the experience.

The owners hope that the restaurant will not only help people change how they perceive and treat people with the illness, but also show that people will dementia can be productive members of society.

The restaurant has been running in a trial period for the month of June in Tokyo’s Toyosu district. The owners are planning a big event in honor of World Alzheimer’s Day on September 21.

According to Metro, food blogger Mizuho Kudo visited the restaurant and had an amazing time. Even though she ordered a burger, she got a plate of gyoza. Regardless, the meal was still “delicious.” The waiters also seemed to be having a good time, she said.