By Coastal Living and Steve Millburg / Coastal Living
August 15, 2016
Courtesy of Crab Cake Factory

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They're some of the most succulent, memorable summer bites. Lucky for you, we've found the best crab cakes on every coast. Dig in!

Crabcake Factory USA, Ocean City, Maryland

This is the home of some of the best crab cakes on any coast. Choose regular (backfin, which some say is sweeter) or all-lump crab cakes. You won't be disappointed; 410-250-4900.

Fenwick Crab House Restaurant, Fenwick Island, Delaware

This family-owned restaurant maintains a relaxed, rustic spirit and serves huge portions of seafood, such as Alaskan snow crab legs. The meaty jumbo lump crab cakes are famous.

Faidley Seafood, Baltimore, Maryland

Courtesy of Faidley Seafood

Among the produce and food vendors at Baltimore's rambunctious Lexington Market, Faidley sells crab cakes so packed with subtly spiced crabmeat that you won't mind having to stand at counters to eat them. We can't decide between the lump and backfin versions, so we advise you try both; 410-727-4898.

Cockrell's Creek Seafood Deli, Reedville, Virginia

Mostly a seafood market, Cockrell's has a tiny dining room and a few picnic tables outside along the water. No frills, no ambience, but great crab cakes. Enjoy these meaty specimens as they were intended--right out there on the water's edge; 804-453-6326.

Fishing With Dynamite, Manhattan Beach, California

It's tempting, of course, to think that the world of crab cakes is defined by the waterways of the Eastern Seaboard and its rivers and bays, but that wouldn't be fair to chefs like David LeFevre, who brought his childhood summer experiences on Virginia's Eastern Shore to the shores of Southern California. The result is a beautiful homage to the classic Maryland blue crab cake, with deft and delicious elevations; 310-893-6299.

Price's Seafood, Havre de Grace, Maryland

Broiled or fried, the crab cakes at this classic Maryland joint are worth the excursion alone. But while you're at Price's, do what the locals have done here since 1944: Dig into a pile of steamed crabs dumped onto your butcher paper-covered table. Then think about some excellent steamed shrimp and Dad's Crab Chowder--a milky, buttery variation of oyster stew that features lumps of crabmeat and bits of veggies; 410-939-2782.

Etta's, Seattle, Washington

Victoria L. via Yelp

Tom Douglas, founder of Etta's, the bright and delicious seafood restaurant that looks out on Seattle's Pike Place Market, is a genius. Because no one prior to him had thought to take the sweet and tender meat of the Dungeness crab and use it to make a crab cake. So he did, when he arrived in the city in 1977, and the rest is Pacific Northwest culinary history; 206-443-6000.