Seafood Restaurants

A freshly caught tuna prepared to perfection at Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market, a delicately balanced bouillabaisse in Marseille, whole snapper grilled on a beach in Bali, an Old Bay-encrusted crab on a newspaper-lined table overlooking the Chesapeake — there are few better reasons to travel than a great seafood restaurant. While food of all varieties draws travelers across the world, the best seafood restaurants are especially indicative of the place they’re from, whether a lobster shack in Maine or an oyster bar in New Orleans. Travel + Leisure’s writers and editors search for the best, newest, and most interesting seafood restaurants around the world so you know exactly where to dine wherever your travels lead you.Of course, the best seafood restaurants are built on incredible stories and local traditions. During a trip to the incredible sushi shops in Japan, for example, we’ll discover why blowfish is illegal in this country —and in Hong Kong, we’ll teach you the best way to shop the famed fish markets. We’ll point you toward the freshest fish in Boston (and find out if you really canfind fresh fish in Las Vegas). What’s the most sustainable fish to eat in the Caribbean? How does the seafood industry in Australia impact the Great Barrier Reef? Why are fishermen leaving goats on unpeopled islands in Galapagos? These are some of the tales the world’s best seafood restaurants can help tell.Closer to home, we’ll find out how New York went from being one of the best, to being one of the worst, places to harvest oysters — as well as what makes an authentic clam chowder, and if travelers should order the Manhattan or New England variety.T+L is constantly chatting with chefs, sniffing out city guides, and uncovering the newest trends — and answering your burning food questions along the way.Whether the décor is chic or shabby, the star dish ceviche or sushi, the sea breeze brisk or warm, the best seafood restaurant can be the highlight of any trip. It doesn’t matter if you’re hunting for fish and chips in London, shrimp in Thailand, octopus in Greece, or conch in Key West, because Travel + Leisure always has you covered. Check back often for the latest information on seafood restaurants around the world, and the stories behind them.