25 Best Places to Eat in San Francisco
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Home is food, food is home. Every single time I board my flight back home to San Francisco I plan out where and when I am going to eat. Forget about Yelp, and listen here because people who live in the city are your best tour guides. No matter what cuisine you're craving, San Francisco has got it all.

1. Gary Danko

I mean, the word "dank" is in the name, so you know it has got to be amazing. Gary Danko is inspired by French cuisine, but the cool part is that all of his ingredients are local. This place has been given countless awards and if you're looking for some fancy food, this is your place.

2. Swan Oyster Depot

This is the place to go for some good ol' San Fransisco dining. This place has great seafood with even better prices. If anything, just get the crab backs. Your cholesterol level may regret it, but that's totally okay! YOLO!

3. Boot and Shoe Service

One of the best places in SF for pizza, hands down. All of the food here is AMAZING and so are the drinks. Go for breakfast, brunch, lunch, you name it. There tends to be a line, so be smart and put your name down so you can get to the food as quickly as possible.

4. Bakesale Betty

THIS PLACE HAS A THEME SONG! A FREAKING THEME SONG! Besides the amazingness of that, this place has bomb baked goods. From apple pie to cookies, the sweets are to die for. Their only "real food" is the chicken sandwich and it's just as popular as you'd think.

5. Comal

Located in the Berkeley Arts District, this is the perfect place to eat while exploring the cool side of SF. Imagine bomb Mexican food with a sick outdoor seating area—that's what Comal is. If you're of legal drinking age, they have tons of authentic Mexican drinks and local beers.

6. Waterbar

If you're looking for sustainable seafood with amazing views of the bay area and the San Fransisco skyline, look no further than Waterbar. There is always a featuredfresh fish of the day, but make sure to save room for some of the impeccable desserts.

7. Boulevard Restaurant

A staple fine dining restaurant in San Francisco known for its meat and fish. The dining room is unique with its barrel roof made of bricks and bar that could have been serving customers in the roaring '20s.

#SpoonTip: Get the Kurobuta pork chop.

8. Hog Island Oyster Co.

Let's preface this by sharing the fact that they raise their own oysters. They are famous for their clam chowder, oyster po-boysandwiches, and of course their oysters. Their menu is simple, but this is the perfect place to come with friends if you want to sit outside, laugh, and enjoy great food.

9. Slanted Door

In my personal opinion, Vietnamese food is the most underrated cuisine of all time. The Slanted Door is a great place for a celebratory dinner with a group of friends of family. The move is to order a bunch of different dishes and share them. If you are an adventurous eater, the entire menu will make your mouth water. It's pricey, but sometimes you have to treat yo' self.

10. Cotogna

This place is cool because the menu literally changes every day. They serve meat, fish, pizzas, and pastas. The atmosphere is really cozy, so come for a first date or any dinner for two. One of the most heard things from this restaurant is that the customer service is impeccable. So if you have those annoying relatives in town, bring them here and they won't complain about the staff.

11. Blowfish Sushi

Do you love sushi, and also love being vegetarian? Look no further than Blowfish! The picture above is all vegetarian sushi and the options are limitless. You will leave happy, and more importantly, full and satisfied.

12. La Taqueria

"When getting a burrito, you are whack AF if you don't order it "Dorado" style, which means "golden" for those of you who don't espekko la español. After rapping it up like a nice blizzy, they throw it back on the grill and crisp that boy up. Lastly, they be cash only but that ain't neva a problem when you rollin wit ya boy."

—Teddi P. (on Yelp)

13. El Farolito Taqueria

A must when in SF. The food is so good and so cheap and is some of the best Mexican you will ever have the pleasure of eating. If you are anything like me, you love a good sauce. El Farolito has so many sauces you will be drowning in them before you leave.

14. Burma Superstar

Have you ever had Burmese food? Have you even heard of Burmese food? Probably not. This joint has killer food and some flavors that you didn't even know existed. A must is the tea leaf salad.

15. Brenda's French Soul Food

Ah, brunch. It's universally known as the best meal on the planet. So it's only natural to be on a tiny quest for the best brunch ever. Brenda's is a must while on the quest. Plus, the crawfish beignets are just as delicious as they sound.