Hand taking top view shot of table.
Credit: Getty Images

If you’re going to Instagram your meal, you might as well do it right.

While the obsession with snapping a picture of any and all food before it's consumed is a social media pet peeve for some of us, we’re all pretty resigned to the fact that people are going to do it anyway.

So, one restaurant is helping food pic addicts make the most of their habit by giving them Instagram kits with every meal.

Dirty Bones in London has free, specially made photography kits that diners can request for the duration of their meal so they can snap their beautifully crafted culinary creations to their heart's desire.

Each kit comes with a portable LED light, a multi-device charger, a clip-on wide-angle lens, a tripod, and a selfie stick. Yes, unfortunately you have to give the kits back at the end of the meal.

And the menu at Dirty Bones is perfect for anyone’s Instagram feed. The new-style American restaurant includes revamped classics like cheeseburger dumplings and mac and cheese balls. You can also order beautiful cocktails with sprinkles on the rim or adorned with slices of pineapple. Everyone loves a good pineapple slice.

Naturally, the Dirty Bones Instagram feed itself is also mouth watering.

The decor of the restaurant, according to Metro, caters to Insta-photogs as well, with ultra-cool signs with platitudes like “Keeping It Real” and “Good Vibes Only.” Perfect for posing with your besties.

Of course, if you are not into posting your food (plenty of people are not), these kits are small and discreet, so other diners are not disturbed, according to Mic. Luckily the menu looks delicious enough that it’s probably enjoyable with or without the double-tapped approval of your 300 closest internet friends.