rainbow latte
Credit: ibrewcoffee/ instagram

First there were rainbow bagels. Then there were rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches. Now technicolor is heading to the beverage realm, and barista Mason Salisbury, who makes rainbow coffee drinks at Sambalatte in Las Vegas, is leading the charge.

“Contrast on another level,” he captioned one Instagram pic. “#colorsplashlatteart.”

While the drinkable works of art certainly look delicious, the idea actually stemmed from Salisbury training baristas. The technique is called “free pour latte art” and takes someone with steady hands making subtle movements. Using dyed foam helped trainees learn without wasting espresso.

Now that photos have made waves across Instagram and Facebook, the rainbow coffee will be landing on Sambalatte's menu "within 24 hours," someone from the coffee shop told T+L.

Have a look:

By Jordi Lippe and Jordi Lippe-McGraw