By Alexandra Marshall
August 10, 2015
Courtesy Hotel Bachaumont

While the Rue Montmartre, in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, has become a hub for fashion, advertising, and digital businesses (not to mention the tourists it attracts), the restaurants that serve the area have long been in need of a refresh. So the recent soft opening of the Hotel Bachaumont, with its massive open-front restaurant and bar by the Experimental Cocktail Club team, is going down very, very nicely.

Indeed, as the rest of the city emptied out for the holidays one night in early August, dozens of Parisians spilled out of the Bachaumont’s drinks lounge and long, two-room brasserie, and onto a sidewalk patio overlooking a lovely cobbled street.

This is not the Experimental’s first time at the restaurant rodeo: they already have Beef Club and Fish Club in Paris, concerns in London and New York, and a bona fide beach club in Ibiza. For Bachaumont, though, the menu, on which Frenchie’s Gregory Marchand consulted, is decidedly bikini-unfriendly.

Sure, there’s horseradish-spiked dorade tartare, and a cold cucumber and yogurt soup, but there’s no way you’re ordering that when a few lines down the menu you’ll find Galician Wagyu côte de boeuf, which comes with a pudding-like house-made béarnaise sauce and double-cooked fries; a croque monsieur with old-fashioned white bread and a pile of thin-cut jambon de Paris; a boozy, rich chicken liver mousse; devilled eggs with mackerel; and a bitter chocolate tart with shortbread crust (entrees $25-$49).

Wear loose pants, or book one of the 49 rooms upstairs, decorated in a contemporary take on Art Deco by Experimental’s go-to decorator Dorothée Melichzon, for a lie-down.

Alexandra Marshall is a contributing editor and the Paris correspondent at Travel & Leisure. Food, design, architecture and fashion are her specialties, which means, living in Paris, that she is very busy. Follow her on Twitter and on Instagram.