By Caroline Hallemann
August 14, 2015
Credit: Scott Bleicher; Brandon Schulman

Much has been made of the gentrification of Brooklyn's Bushwick neighborhood, a transition notably illustrated by the opening of restaurants like chef Nate Courtland's Montana Trail House. Housed in a former gas station, the Appalachian Trail-inspired space offers a menu of seasonal cocktails, rustic vegetables, and fried chicken, all prepared with a focus on thoughtful sourcing.

Here, Courtland shares his favorite eats in the changing community:

Breakfast: Strangeways Coffee Shop

"This is my favorite shop in the neighborhood, serving up an amazing variety of thoughtfully sourced and expertly prepared coffee. Cold brew and a breakfast burrito with extra hot sauce gets my day started in the right direction."

Brunch: Northeast Kingdom

"These guys serve brunch seven days a week and have been a staple in Bushwick for just near 10 years. They have solid Bloody Marys and a farm upstate supplying lots of the ingredients for their rotating menu."

Lunch: Fritzl's Lunch Box

"This place has a creative, seasonally changing menu with substantial portions. Their hard cider and beer selection is unmatched in the neighborhood, and the backyard is ultra relaxing and spacious. Also, Fritzl's is very reasonably priced for the ingredients they are sourcing."

Dinner: Faro

"Milling local flour and grains in-house for pastas and bread sets Faro apart, and is elevating the Bushwick scene. Nothing fussy here, just beautifully prepared ingredients of the highest quality and freshness."

Late Night: Pearl's Social and Billy Club

"This is my go to for after-work drinks and boozy slushies. It's the quintessential neighborhood bar serving up the coldest Coors outside of the Rockies."

Caroline Hallemann is the associate digital editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter at @challemann.