Los Angeles: Best Comfort Food Restaurants

Forget fancy monikers and complicated menus: Los Angeles restaurants are taking their names from the down-home foods they serve. Here, our picks.

Decked out like a 1970's diner, The Waffle (breakfast for two $25) serves breakfast all day and past midnight. What to order? Red-velvet waffles with cream-cheese frosting and a soul-food version prepared with jalapeños and fried chicken.

Slaw Dogs (720 N. Lake Ave., Suite 8, Pasadena; 626/808-9777; lunch for two $20) garnishes 11 types of brats and sausages with more than 70 toppings, including truffle oil and kimchi.

The minimalist Lemonade at MOCA (250 S. Grand Ave.; 213/628-0200; drinks for two $6) whips up such flavors as peach-ginger, blueberry-mint, and watermelon-rosemary, all for less than $3 a glass.

At Flake (513 Rose Ave., Venice; 310/396-2333; breakfast for two $15), you'll find 25 types of cereal, along with a sprinkles bar full of fruits, nuts, and sweeteners like Nutella and gummy bears.

The Waffle

At this retro diner-meets-coffee shop near the Hollywood Palladium, the menu (as the name suggests) focuses mainly on one item: waffles. Owner Scooter Kanfer-Cartmill puts a modern spin on this breakfast staple by using fresh, artisanal ingredients – no imitation maple syrup here. Servers dressed in western garb serve sweet and savory varieties, including sticky bun, baked-in applewood smoked bacon, and red velvet, just to name a few. The restaurant also offers other breakfast items like eggs, French toast, oatmeal, and hash browns, as well as lunch options like sandwiches, soups, and salads.

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