inGalera Restaurant Italy Copia
Credit: © Andrea Guermani

Prison dining isn’t exactly on the radar of Zagat or Michelin, but the InGalera restaurant inside a medium-security prison near Milan, where the chefs are inmates, is booked up two months in advance.

InGalera, which is Italian for "In Prison,” opened in October after the area formerly used as a dorm for prison guards was converted into a restaurant to teach 1,200 inmates catering skills.

inGalera Restaurant Italy
Credit: © Andrea Guermani

The restaurant has become way more than a rehabilitation and teaching facility; diners can expect everything they would from other top-notch Italian spots, including white tablecloths, an excellent wine list and dishes of rabbit and veal filet.

Prices are downright reasonable compared to nearby restaurants—even those that are much less popular than InGalera. As Italian food critic Valerio Massimo Visintin said, "You have to go to jail to find honest prices."

By Jordi Lippe and Jordi Lippe-McGraw