By Erika Owen
November 29, 2016
Ichiran, Brooklyn, New York, Dining
Credit: Rebecca Fondren

If you're looking for a bowl of ramen with a side of solitude, head to Ichiran.

This restaurant, with locations in Fukuoka, Japan, and Brooklyn's Bushwick neighborhood, goes by the philosophy that eating solo helps diners focus solely on their grub. There are no distractions, from servers or other patrons.

Ichiran, Brooklyn, New York, Ramen
Credit: Rebecca Fondren

The restaurant has a number of what the restaurant calls “Flavor-Concentration Booths.”

They're very small tables with blinders on either side that resemble the anti-cheating walls you may have had during tests in grade school. Each diner has a direct view of the kitchen, and their food is delivered piping hot, straight from the cooks themselves.

Ichiran, Brooklyn, New York, Solo Dining
Credit: Rebecca Fondren

There is a true dedication to the lack of interaction at Ichiran. Each diner can choose their own seat upon entering, and there's even a button you can use to beckon a server if you need a water refill.

The menus are interactive, directing diners to fill out various requests without relaying any wants to an actual person.