Pizza House
Credit: Getty Images

If you're looking for pizza in Darwin, Australia, we've got a tip for you: Don't head to Michael McElwee's house. In a hilarious turn of events, Google Maps accidentally labeled his address as the location of Cucina Sotto Le Stelle — a pop-up pizza shop that makes appearances throughout the year in the park near his home.

It wasn't until strangers started knocking on McElwee's door that he realized what had happened. The 69-year-old shared with ABC Darwin that it all started when someone showed up wanting to deliver magazines to a pizza shop. Then someone came over asking for a job.

As you can imagine, the confusion is real. While many have checked up on their own address on Google Maps, there probably aren't many who continuously monitor the address and how it changes as the satellites and places of interest are updated. Google has since fixed the issue, much to McElwee's delight and the rest of the world's dismay.