This itinerary takes travelers to all 159 Michelin-starred restaurants in the country in the quickest time possible.

USA Foodie Road Trip
Credit: Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

Generally the idea of taking a road trip conjures up images of eating fast food on the side of the road or hopping into diners for a quick meal. But for travelers to whom food is the reason to travel, Orbitz figured out how to dine at every Michelin-starred joint in America in the fastest time possible.

The itinerary takes travelers to all 159 Michelin-starred restaurants in the country from coast to coast. Starting off in San Francisco, travelers would go 3,426 miles to cross through to Chicago, down to Washington, D.C. and finally end the trip in New York City. If travelers planned to eat at a different restaurant every night, the trip would take about five months to complete.

Orbitz used an algorithm to optimize the trip itinerary, ensuring that foodies wouldn’t have to double back on their own paths to travel to each restaurant. The trip starts at Commis in Oakland and is nonstop food action until it ends at Hirohisa in New York City.

However that doesn’t mean travelers will be able to eat exclusively at Michelin-approved places for the entire trip. At one point, there is a 2,111-mile drive between the restaurant Bouchon in Yountville, California and the next stop, El Ideas in Chicago. The 31-hour drive will necessitate a food stop somewhere along the road (or maybe a doggy bag with gourmet leftovers).

For those who want to embark on the trip: Just remember to make reservations for your meals well in advance. Nothing throws off a road trip more than having to wait around to eat.