It was a double-meat sandwich, according to a witness.
Bar Customer
Credit: Giuseppe Ceschi/Getty Images

A man was arrested for allegedly calling in a fake bomb threat in an attempt to get out of paying his bill at a Primanti Bros. restaurant in Pittsburgh.

Police have charged Barry Clapperton with threatening to use weapons of mass destruction, public drunkenness, presenting false identification to a police officer, terroristic threats, and escape.

According to WPXI, Kenneth Gray, who was visiting from Jacksonville, was a witness to Clapperton’s attempt to dine and dash (in probably the worst way possible).

Gray said Clapperton had tried to run out on the bill twice before police arrived. “My friend Chris gets up and he chases him out the door and we go out that way, catch him, and walk him back in,” Gray told WPXI.

Gray’s friend even offered to pay the bill, but police had already come to the scene.

Eventually a friend did pay for Clapperton, and police were about to let him leave when they overheard him calling in a bomb threat to Nakama, a restaurant a few blocks down the street.

At that point, Clapperton ran out of the restaurant and down the street, where he was shocked with police stun guns and arrested. Clapperton is not able to post bond for his arrest.

Police said Clapperton told officers his friend advised him to call in the bomb threat to create a distraction, according to WPXI.

Apparently, to add insult to injury, a witness also saw Clapperton order double meat on his sandwich, despite not having money to pay for it.

This might be the worst dinner guest in the world.