Emoji Menu

Pay a visit to Gaggan in Bangkok—Asia's best restaurant, according to the World's 50 Best list—and there's a good chance you won't know exactly what you're ordering. But don't feel bad, that's part of the experience. After all, an entire menu only written using emojis is begging for personal interpretation.

The restaurant's entire tasting menu is made up of 22 emojis, giving diners a clue at what's about to appear in front of them. Chef Gaggan Anand is the one tasked with turning the various emojis into delicious looking plates. Anand shared a new emoji menu with his Instagram followers last month—get excited:

If you're looking for a dining experience that far surpasses the usual hand-and-foot service you'd expect from a restaurant that's been named No. 30 on the world's best list, get yourself to Bangkok.

It's not just a gimmick, either. Just take a few minutes to peruse Anand's Instagram account and you won't need much more convincing to give it a prime spot on your foodie bucket list.

The emoji tasting menu will set you back around $115. Want to know more? Head to the restaurant's website.