Nothing heals a broken heart like a slice of Neapolitan pizza.

By Cailey Rizzo
October 15, 2016
via Youtube

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, in Naples, was made famous by the book (and its movie adaption) Eat, Pray, Love. To accommodate the explosion of Julia Roberts-loving, broken-hearted, and hungry-for-pizza visitors, Da Michele is opening a second branch in North London.

In the book and film, Elizabeth Gilbert—played by Roberts—went to the intimate Neapolitan pizza place and found her saucy love in a margherita with double mozzarella. “I am having a relationship with this pizza, almost an affair,” Gilbert wrote.

Already celebrated for its exceptional, UNESCO-worthy pies, the restaurant has operated at the same location in Naples since 1930. But the family who operates the pizzeria has been making the dish since 1870.

The pizzeria’s founder, Michele Condurro, famously said, “There are only two types of Neapolitan Pizza, the ‘Marinara’ and the ‘Margherita’ and no ‘junk’ should be used in preparing the pizza.” Five generations of pizza makers have upheld their grandfather’s instructions and the new London location will do the same.

Da Michele isn't just known for its no-fuss pizzas. A large pie in Naples costs €4 ($4.40). Prices are expected to be just as affordable in London. In keeping with tradition, the wine and beer options will also mirror those offered in Naples.

There’s no word yet on the exact opening date, though we're confident the shop will open soon: the oven has already arrived. You’ll be able to start your personal pizza affair at 125 Church Street, Stoke Newington.