By Erika Owen
May 19, 2015
Credit: Jan Dunlop

Owning your own island may be out of the question, but don’t get too upset. There’s a floating ocean pavilion off the shores of Fiji with your name on it. Cloud 9—aptly named for the extraordinary experience ahead—is a 100-person structure boasting a fully stocked bar, wood-fired pizza, on-site DJs, and snorkeling, among other super-chill activities. The two-floor platform is located right over the Ro Ro Reef, perfect for taking in the underwater sights.

Getting to the “island” is an adventure in itself. Aside from the expected private boat transportation, there’s a guided 2.5-hour “Jet Ski Safari” that makes a pit stop at the nearby Malolo Island for some snorkeling before making its way to Cloud 9.

Taking this floating island for a spin just about tops any other weekend plans you might have in mind—unless you do, of course, own your own island. This virtual tour of the space will just have to tide you over for now:

Erika Owen is the Audience Engagement Editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @erikaraeowen.