By Joey Skladany /
December 28, 2016
Snap Decision/Getty Images

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In yet one more sign that 2017 can’t get here fast enough, another NYC icon takes its final bow this week.

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Carnegie Deli, which opened its doors in 1937, will put the kibosh on its world-famous pastrami and cheesecakes on Saturday.

Plans to shutter the restaurant –– made famous by Woody Allen's Broadway Danny Rose –– were announced in late September. Despite a former dishwasher's attempt to save the institution, an intervention wasn't successful.

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The Carnegie Deli name will live on through licensing deals in Las Vegas and Bethleham, PA, but nothing will compare to the experience of seeing a show and subsequently waiting on Seventh Avenue for a bite of their oversized sandwiches.

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RIP Carnegie Deli and go to hell, 2016.