This Ramen Chain Was Just Voted the Best in the World — and You Can Get It in NYC

Ichiran won the top spot on Goo Ranking.

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According to Japan’s biggest ranking site, Goo Ranking, you don’t need to travel halfway around the world to get a taste of the best ramen on Earth.

As Hypebeast explained, Goo Ranking is an all-encompassing ranking website, which has ranked more than 50,000 items since it began publishing. The ranking is based on votes from the public, meaning you can trust the results as they are determined by megafans who are willing to take time out fo their day to share their favorites.

For its list of best tasting ramen in the world, that title went to the chain restaurant, Ichiran. According to the results page, the chain received 261 votes, beating out the second-place winner by 21 votes.

“Born in Hakata, which can be called a sacred place for tonkotsu ramen, this ramen chain has more than 80 stores nationwide (Japan),” Goo Ranking explained. “It only serves natural tonkotsu ramen, and it's so popular that many people from overseas come to eat this specially selected cup of ramen.”

But, you don’t need to travel all the way to Japan to try it for yourself. Instead, you just have to make it to New York City, where you can taste the ramen in three different locations including its Brooklyn, midtown, and Times Square restaurants. Each one serves up the same menu as its locations across Japan.

The runner-up location, Tenkaippin, received 240 votes, and has locations across Japan and Hawaii.

According to Hypebeast, this ramen joint started as a small stand in Kyoto before expanding to several hundred locations across the nation and to the Hawaiian islands. And, with ramen going for just $3 a bowl, it’s a tasty second-place winner worth testing out. Check out the complete rankings on Goo Rankings here.

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