By Erika Owen
July 23, 2015
Credit: © Christina Peters / Alamy

All burgers and ice cream aside, hot dogs are the quinessential mid-summer meal. While everyone has their preferred take on the classic—grilled, boiled, hidden under a layer of ketchup, loaded up with all of the toppings—there are a few places that have been decidely voted as a spot you can count on for a killer hot dog. Foursquare pulled together user data and came up with the 40 best places to get your fix in the United States. From a New York institution to food trucks on the West Coast, here are the Top 10:

10. Yesterdog - Grand Rapids, Michigan

If you're looking for something tried-and-true that won't break the bank, Yesterdog is your spot. All of their hot dogs are under $3. Vegetarians, take note: the veggiedog is actually a bun filled with toppings.

9. Dogtown - Rochester, New York

Eating at this spot is the equivilant of taking a hot dog tour of the world. Each of their offerings is based off of a regional favorite from near and far destinations.

8. The Greasy Wiener Truck - Anaheim, California

This food truck does all of the basics—chilli dog, bacon-wrapped dog, veggie dog—and they do it really, really well according to users.

7. Crif Dogs - New York City

Two words: bacon wrapped. The names of the menu items are just as fun as the creations (philly tubesteak, spicy red neck, garden state). If you're visiting the Manhattan location, don't forget to check out the speakeasy hidden behind the phone booth.

6. Superdawg Drive-In - Chicago, Illinois

If the completely classic Chicago dog piled high with fixings doesn't sell you (which is close to impossible), the throwback drive-in decor will.

5. Jake's Handcrafted / Der Kommissar - Brooklyn, New York

The selection here has been compared to German eateries by Foursquare users. That being said, they've got something for everyone from the basic bratwurst to the more adventurous duck andouille sausage.

4. Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs - Cleveland, Ohio

Biker Jim's focuses on a gamier hot dog selection—like reindeer, wild boar, and even rattlesnake. Their fried mac and cheese seems to be a favorite, as well.

3. Wurstküche - Los Angeles, California

Self-described as an "exotic sausage grill,"this spot specializes in options worthy of a double-take (think: duck and bacon sausage with jalapeno peppers). They also have great options for vegetarians.

2. Happy Dog - Cleveland, Ohio

Diners can choose to top their dogs with 50 different accoutrements, from SpaghettiOs to garlicky escarole.

1. Shake Shack - New York City

This NYC staple actually got its beginning as a hot dog truck. They're hot dogs are split, grilled on the crispy side, and served on a potato roll.