By Cailey Rizzo
February 21, 2019
Paulo Fridman/Corbis via Getty Images

Anthony Bourdain may have traveled to every continent on the planet, but he never forgot that at his core he was a guy from New Jersey.

Although he was born in New York City, he spent most of his childhood in Leonia, New Jersey. In the weeks following his death in June 2018, New Jersey Assemblyman Paul Moriarty proposed the construction of an “Anthony Bourdain Food Trail” to commemorate the Jersey boy.

At the end of January, the Anthony Bourdain Food Trail was unanimously approved by the New Jersey Legislature, according to The Daily Meal.

The designation of the food trail will include 10 restaurants that Bourdain visited while filming his New Jersey show:

In a statement, Assemblywoman Carol Murphy said that Bourdain was a “New Jersey food icon.” She considers the trail to be "a fitting way to honor the memory of one of New Jersey’s best known chefs.”

Bourdain was not shy about his appreciation for his childhood state. “New Jersey has got beaches, beautiful beaches, and they’re not all crawling with ‘roid-raging trolls with reality shows,” Bourdain said in a 2015 episode of “Parts Unknown” filmed entirely in Jersey. “I grew up summering on those beaches and they are awesome.”