By Erika Owen
December 20, 2016

Life is hard, so sometimes we need to create our own momentary distractions to keep ourselves sane. When those diversions can work toward the greater good or your own personal benefit, that's even better. A refrigerator ice machine that dispenses pizza rolls? You can file this act of charity under “the greater good.”

Youtuber Chase Laub hacked an ice machine to dispense this wonderful pizza snack, “because I use this more than ice,” he wrote in the video caption.

The user experience is delightfully simple: Wave an empty plate underneath the ice dispenser and watch in wonder as a handful of pizza rolls come tumbling out.

And the greatest part is this might not be too difficult to pull off. Make sure you clean out the ice bucket in the freezer and replace all of the ice with pizza rolls. As long as your machine isn't set to “crush,” you should be greeted with whole, frozen rolls ready to pop in the oven or microwave.