Dream job.

By Erika Owen
March 14, 2017
Getty Images

Every region has its own take on pizza, and they're all great for different reasons.

Phil Duncan is out to prove that.

Duncan, a Liverpool native who now calls Seattle home, travels around the world eating pizza. In an interview with Mashable, Duncan said that Instagram actually kickstarted his lifestyle.

“At the same time Instagram was getting big, I was traveling a lot more often on longer trips. So automatically I would upload general travel pics,” he said. “I noticed that my friends were liking my pizza photos a lot more than just general pics as they knew my love for pizza. So I just continued to showcase all the pizza I was eating in all the countries I have been to.”

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His love of pizza only grew when he began to notice that you could get pizza literally anywhere—even in the most obscure of countries—like the Perhentian Islands, which Duncan mentioned in the same interview as having some of the best pizza he's tasted.

But the best pizza, in his opinion, comes from a more familiar place: New York City.

Duncan also has a habit of posting amazing travel photos on Instagam, something you can see for yourself on his account.