They brake for nachos.

Credit: Getty Images

The Nacho Ride is as straightforward as it sounds. Every Tuesday from May through October, dozens of bikers gather together for a 10-mile ride down the MoPac Trail that runs out of Lincoln, Nebraska. Their destination is the One Eyed Dog Saloon in Eagle, home to some of the best nachos in the Great Plains (at least according the bar’s Yelp reviews, many of which are left by hungry Nacho Riders). The bikers eat nachos, wash them down with a few beers, and then climb back on to their trusty steeds and bike the ten miles back into town.

The Nacho Ride was founded by Phil Wolfe, a retired physical education teacher from Lincoln, who was inspired by a similar event he had heard about in Council Bluffs, Iowa, called the Taco Ride. Wolfe swapped nachos for tacos and established a weekly ride with a handful of friends looking to mix some fun into their exercise routine. Wolfe chose the saloon because of its distance from town, and the fact that the bar offered a jumbo plate of nachos and held a 75-cent taco night on Tuesdays. It was a match made in heaven.

Over the last nine years, the group has slowly grown as word of the genius concept has spread. According to the Nacho Ride’s website, they averaged over 75 riders a week last year and that number has continued to grow. A few months ago, over 150 riders showed up to help the group celebrate their 100th ride. The biggest draws, though, come from so-called Theme Rides, during which bikers dress in costumes. Those are known to attract hundreds of riders, especially for the annual Big Red Ride, which is held before the first University of Nebraska football game of the season, according to the Omaha World Herald.

If you’re in Lincoln and want to join up, bikers meet at the Novartis Trailhead in Lincoln at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesdays. Bring a helmet and your appetite.