You Can Have As Much Chocolate As Your Heart Desires at This Belgian Chocolate Factory

Neuhaus factory in Brussels, Belgium
Photo: Miriam Schmidt/Alamy Stock Photo

Some people can’t get enough chocolate. Luckily, at one Belgian chocolate factory, you can eat as much as you like.

According to Metro, Journalist Jon Stone discovered a chocolate paradise in Brussels that would make Willy Wonka jealous. While visiting the Neuhaus Belgian Chocolate Factory, he found out that visitors can actually gorge themselves as much as they like while they’re on the premises — free of charge.

Stone wrote on Twitter, “I don’t want to alarm anyone but at the end of Brussels metro line 5 there’s a factory outlet for chocolate maker Neuhaus and you can literally ‘try’ (eat) as much as you like for free.”

It seems that Neuhaus Belgian Chocolate Factory (which has store locations all over the world) is so proud of their confectionaries that they’re confident that you’ll be tempted to take home a box of anything you sample on-site. And they’re probably right.

There are a couple of rules visitors must obey if they want to indulge in their chocolates of choice, according to Metro. Stone tweeted a photo of the factory rules on Twitter.

First, you may only sample chocolates while in the factory. Hoarding the chocolate and eating it later is not allowed. If you want to take something home, you can certainly buy whatever you like.

Second, all boxed and sealed chocolates are off-limits (but available for purchase as well).

The factory is located, as Stone noted, in Brussels (technically Sint-Pieters-Leeuw) at the end of the 5 Metro Line at the Erasme Metro station if you’re traveling by public transit. A dream destination for chocolate lovers, you shouldn’t go on a full stomach, because you’ll basically want to try everything. Neuhaus is particularly well known for its caprice pralines and beautifully decorated chocolate treats.

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