Uber Eats Reveals the Food Cravings That Hit Each State During Quarantine


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Food delivery has certainly had a moment as COVID-19 has forced many U.S. residents to stay home over the last several months. And from requests for extra spicy and extra sauce to quarantine cravings, Uber Eats has seen it all, according to their 2020 Cravings Report.

The report, shared with Travel + Leisure, shows just how much Americans love to customize their meals with the No. 1 ask being to leave off the onions. That was followed by asking for extra sauce and nixing the tomatoes in a dish.

Janelle Sallenave, the head of Uber Eats for the U.S. and Canada, told T+L that 2020 “saw an increase in these special requests: from a spike in demand for extra crispy ingredients, to heartfelt and heart-shaped orders for loved ones, to kind notes and in-app donations to restaurants.”

“The combinations and customizations are endless,” she added.

As Americans hunkered down and quarantined in many cities across the country, Uber Eats saw requests for “extra sauce,” “sauce on the side,” “no onion,” and “no cucumber” all increase. Conversely, quarantine made people a little more indulgent as requests for “no bacon” and “dressing on the side” both decreased.

The most popular food combo requested was tacos and lime followed by French fries and salt, and a chicken sandwich with extra mayo.

While people from all over the country make special requests for their food, those in Montana, Vermont, Oregon, Idaho, and Washington were the most polite, writing “please” and “thank you” most frequently in their instructions, according to Uber.

But it was the unique delivery requests that really stood out like the condiment lover who asked for “A TON of ketchup on the side. Like, a ton. A whole ton! I need a lot a lot a lot so please do a lot. Your pizza is wicked rad I would still eat it without but I just need that ketchup if u feel me.” (Pizza and ketchup also happened to be the most popular unexpected food combo, Uber said).

Or the foodie who really loved pickles (and we mean really loved pickles), requesting in all caps “EXTRA PICKLES AS MANY AS POSSIBLE I REALLY LIKE PICKLES.”

And in some cases, Uber Eats even went beyond borders, connecting a couple separated by the pandemic with a sweet gesture.

“I am stuck in London and I couldn’t get married to my fiancé today due to the pandemic,” the person wrote in an order. “If you can write on the cheesecake: ‘Happy Anniversary! I forever love and choose you! Can’t wait to marry you!’”

These are the most ordered special requests for your state, based on where Uber Eats delivers.

  • Alabama: Extra Yum Yum sauce
  • Arizona: No guacamole
  • Arkansas: Add chicken
  • California: No pico de gallo
  • Colorado: No guacamole
  • Connecticut: Extra dressing
  • Delaware: No cucumber
  • Florida: Extra dressing
  • Georgia: Crispy
  • Hawaii: All rice
  • Idaho: Add onion
  • Illinois: Plain
  • Indiana: Extra lemon pepper
  • Iowa: No pico
  • Kansas: Extra fry sauce
  • Kentucky: Extra pickle
  • Louisiana: No cilantro
  • Maine: Salt and vinegar
  • Maryland: Extra sauce
  • Massachusetts: Well done
  • Michigan: Honey mustard
  • Minnesota: Medium spicy
  • Mississippi: Extra hot sauce
  • Missouri: Extra dressing
  • Montana: No olives
  • Nebraska: No veggies
  • Nevada: No salsa
  • New Hampshire: Mild
  • New Jersey: Salt, pepper, and ketchup
  • New Mexico: Easy ice
  • New York: Toasted
  • North Carolina: Extra white sauce
  • North Dakota: Extra sour cream
  • Ohio: Light sauce
  • Oklahoma: Add mustard
  • Oregon: No bean sprouts
  • Pennsylvania: Salt and pepper
  • Rhode Island: Blue cheese
  • South Carolina: Extra white sauce
  • Tennessee: Sweet tea
  • Texas: Add cheese
  • Utah: No guacamole
  • Vermont: Extra blue cheese
  • Virginia: Extra mayo
  • Washington: No salad
  • West Virginia: 2 ketchups
  • Wisconsin: Extra queso
  • Wyoming: No jalapeños
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