Order a Pizza Ice Cream Sandwich Anywhere in the Country From This NYC Ice Cream Parlor

Morgenstern’s newest collection, Italian American: New York, features flavors inspired by beloved NYC restaurants.

Morganstern's ice cream sandwich in a box
Photo: Courtesy of Morganstern's Finest Ice Cream

What do you get when you combine delicious ice cream with the iconic Italian-American flavors of New York City? Morgenstern’s newest collection, Italian American: New York, which features flavors inspired by some of the city’s most popular Italian-American restaurants. And, yes, there is even a pizza-inspired ice cream sandwich.

With influences from several of New York City’s beloved pizza and pasta joints, some of these flavors offer new interpretations on classic Italian treats like spumoni, while others — such as the Focaccia Pomodoro, made with charred focaccia and tomato sauce — transform savory dishes into a unique desert.

"It has been a crazy year for New York restaurants. We wanted to take a moment to celebrate some of our favorite Italian-American spots and ended up making a collection with our friends and family — it is jam-packed with nostalgic flavors. The resulting creations are homages to the people that have been working endlessly to feed us,” Nick Morgenstern, owner and creator of Morgenstern's, told Travel + Leisure.

Una Pizza Napoletana’s Anthony Mangieri created Una Royale, featuring a ricotta ice cream base with candied citrus peels, black walnut crisps, and toasted black walnuts. A delicious Spumoni flavor with vanilla, pistachio, and chocolate was inspired by Regina and Roman Grandinetti of Regina’s Grocery.

Marco Canora, the restaurateur behind Hearth, contributed two incredible flavors: Buttered Toast and Coffee, inspired by his morning routine of dipping a thick slice of buttered sourdough in coffee, has pieces of toasted and buttered sourdough in a rich coffee ice cream, while the Banana Bread and Walnuts flavor combines walnuts, salty caramel, and banana bread — three of Canora’s favorites.

Adam Leonti and Paul Shaked from Sofia’s inspired the unique Focaccia Pomodoro, with charred focaccia covered in a three tomato pomodoro sauce combined with a strawberry pomodoro jam.

The final piece of the collection transforms a favorite handheld meal into a sweet to-go snack. Inspired by the New York slice, L’Industrie Pizzeria’s Pizza Pizza ice cream sandwich has pizza crumbs in the cookie base. Inside, you’ll find a stracciatella cheese ice cream with tomato-black apricot jam for a surprisingly delightful interpretation of NYC pizza.

Ready to taste these ice creams for yourself? The collection is available for national shipping or for pickup at Morgenstern’s Houston Street location.

Elizabeth Rhodes is an associate digital editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her adventures on Instagram at @elizabetheverywhere.

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