By Clara Olshansky and Clara Olshansky /
December 12, 2016
Credit: © Takeout Drawing

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This is definitely the fanciest cup of coffee you'll ever have. Takeout Drawing, a super artsy cafe in Seoul, South Korea, is selling meringue coffee, which is basically a work of art and a cup of coffee in one. When you order one of these gorgeous meringue coffees, you get a cup of espresso topped with a massive tower of meringue cookies. When you break off the meringue topping, you can eat it as is or dunk it in the coffee for a delightfully melty dessert.

As a bonus, the meringue coffee comes in Takeout Drawing's adorably odd illustrated mugs, with little drawings of a vicious robot dog on them. But what does a robot dog have to do with meringue-topped coffee? The drink is called "Paul's Meringue Factory." Paul is apparently the robot dog's name, and the mug shows Paul defending his meringue from an enemy attack. Apparently Paul is very protective.

Of course, Instagram is going crazy with Paul's Meringue Factory, with tons of people posting pictures of their cup. In fact, pretty much everything at Takeout Drawing is pretty Insta-worthy. They've offered everything from odd but gorgeous blue lattes to espressos with an iceberg of frozen milk to drinks that look like fresh snowfall. Plus, all their illustrated ceramics are delightful. As if all that weren't enough, it's also a music venue. And an art gallery, but that much isn't surprising, given just how gallery-worthy Paul's Meringue Factory is.