Here's how you can win it.
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McDonald's Bling Mac Ring Contest
Credit: Courtesy of McDonald's

Calling all Big Mac enthusiasts: Today is your day. In honor of McDonald’s three different Big Mac sizes — Grand Big Mac, Big Mac, and Mac Jr. — the American fast food empire is creating an 18K gold, diamond-encrusted ring inspired by the iconic Big Mac. (Never thought you’d read that sentence, huh?) The best part is it’s real, and you can win it.

Designed by fine jewelry designer Nadine Ghosn, the “Bling Mac” ring is made up of seven stackable, individual tiers of glimmering champagne diamonds, tsavorite gems, and orange sapphires, all made to represent the flavorful ingredients of the famed Big Mac burger. What’s more is there will only be one version of the ring, as it will be custom made for the winner of the #BlingMacContest. Truly bespoke.

So wait, how exactly does one win such a fine jewelry piece? All it’ll take is a heartfelt tweet at @McDonalds with the hashtag #BlingMacContest, “pledging your love to your favorite Big Mac burgers.” Just make sure to tweet it before Valentine's Day. If McDonald’s likes it, they’ll put a ring on it. Watch the video above to see the Bling Mac in action (and a poised hand model sensually grazing and ambiguously pointing at the ring; it's chill).