Comedian, mixologist, writer, D.J.? You Deserve a Drink author Mamrie Hart’s resume is as long as it is varied. In honor of her new book of comedic essays—out today—we asked the YouTube star to share her go-to road trip playlist.Stream the playlist through Spotify below, then click over over to for more information about her boozy memoir.

By Caroline Hallemann
May 26, 2015

Theme Song

This is your choice. It's the song that reminds you of your destination. If you're headed up 95 to NYC, 'No Sleep Till Brooklyn' by the Beastie Boys is perfect (Or 'Welcome to New York' by T-swift if your car demo skews fifteen year-old female). If you are driving to your alma mater for a reunion, it could be a song that takes you back to your glory days. Whatever it is, this is your theme. It's the song you play every time you cross a state line. It'll recharge your batteries and get you pumped to get there. Even better, your entire car will be extremely sick of it a few states in and the eye rolls and complaints will be a bonding experience.

Chop Suey - System of a Down

This is for when that jerk in the passenger seat says they are going to stay awake the whole time, and they're snoozing an hour into the drive. Let them get nice and REM-cycling before hitting this on blast.

Love Shack - The B-52’s

It's a crowd pleaser, and perfect for small-space dancing.

Too Legit to Quit - MC Hammer

This one’s a wild card. Not nearly as big as “Can't Touch This,” but I'm telling ya, it's message will keep you focused. Pro Tip: For extra long rides, Hammerpants are real comfy.

Going up the Country - Canned Heat

Best when driving through some real rural backroads. With today’s modern technology, there's no reason not to venture off a traffic-y highway to explore some backroads while rolling down the windows.

Canned Heat - Jamiroquia

Its title is the name of the band from the previous song, but totally different.

Rumors - Fleetwood Mac

This isn't a song, it's the whole album, for when you need to zone out and just drive. When there isn't much to look at, and you aren't stopping at any Americana ironic gas stations for beer coozies and dream catchers, you can listen to it and know every word. And when it's over, BOOM! You’re forty minutes closer to your destination.

Thunderstruck - AC/DC

One might think “Highway to Hell” is the no-brainer AC/DC song, but I gotta go with Thunderstruck. Particular the live version. You will feel like you are in a crowd of thousands, so much so you'll want to hold up a lighter. Don't. You do not want to be in a car fire, trust me.

I Drove All Night - Celine Dion

Just have to give a warning that this is best listened to (and inevitably scream-sang to) when you are driving solo.


Anything Prince. There is never a wrong Prince for a car ride.

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Caroline Hallemann is the associate digital editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter at @challemann.