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Credit: Getty Images/andresr

Lufthansa has just unveiled a beer map that will show you where to find the best beers across Europe.

The interactive map pulls together suggestions from European locals and Lufthansa’s staff to recommend the top bars, pubs, and breweries across popular cities in the area.

Each location marker includes a short tidbit on what you’ll find there, from the top drink to try to a description of the atmosphere.

Each link will also direct you to Lufthansa’s travel page for the destination, where you can see city guides, maps, airport information, the top 10 sights, nightlife information, and more.

lufthansa beer map finder europe airlines
Credit: Courtesy of Lufthansa

The map has quite the selection of fun offerings to choose from, from microbreweries in Oslo to the longest bar in Dublin.

It will show you where you’ll find the largest selection of beers in Finland and where you can enjoy quirky brews like a strawberry milkshake IPA.

Whether you’re looking for a bar that’s dog-friendly or one that offers incredible food to go along with your drink, the map has you covered.

The airline released a similar map earlier this year highlighting the top ice cream spots in Europe. Lufthansa has long been known for its playful offerings, from letting passengers book trips to surprise destinations to a rolling keg they used back in the day to serve beer to customers.

Those flying with the airline can start their beer journey as soon as they board, since Lufthansa offers complimentary brews on every flight.