This Road Trip-friendly Concentrate Is 'Better Than Most Drive-thru Iced Coffee'

Just add water.

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Jot Ultra Coffee Shot
Photo: Courtesy of Jot

Picture this: You're on an hours-long road trip somewhere in the United States. Your playlist is set and ready. Your co-captain has all your bags (and snacks) packed. Your GPS is pre-programed and set to avoid tolls. There's just one thing missing: Coffee.

While you can most definitely bring along your favorite coffee grounds to make with the coffee maker at your hotel or Airbnb, making coffee while literally on the road is highly unfeasible, and stopping frequently at off-ramp drive-thrus can easily topple your tight schedule.

Thankfully, Jot Coffee is the travel-friendly alternative for dedicated coffee drinkers on a long road trip. Marketed as "the purest, most concentrated form of liquid coffee in the world," you only need a tablespoon of Jot to transform a bottle of water (or milk!) into a cup of coffee. It takes only a few seconds for the ~magical~ transformation to happen and then you're good to go.

Jot Ultra Coffee Shot
Courtesy of Jot

To buy:, $24

Each bottle is 20 times more concentrated than average coffee, and all of Jot's beans are organic, ethical, and sustainably sourced from South America. Since Jot uses a unique process to extract flavor from its beans, there's more yield, less waste, and an overall lower environmental impact than other "instant" coffee options.

While the brand offers seasonal flavors, Jot's Ultra Coffee is available year-round and tastes both smooth and powerful. One reviewer raved that Jot was better than instant coffee; they "did not expect that much depth of flavor from a concentrate" and said it was overall "better than most drive-thru iced coffee."

Celebrities like professional skateboarder Tony Hawk and "Crazy Rich Asians" author Kevin Kwan are also fans of the brand. Hawk called Jot his "kick-start," and Kwan has said the brand "fuels" his writing.The best part is that each Jot bottle holds about 14 cups' worth of coffee, which means you won't have to stop your trip for a refill — just have your trusted passengers top you off. Plus, compared to other travel-friendly coffee options you can find at the grocery store, the tiny 200-milliliter bottle can easily sneak into a cooler, leaving plenty more room for water and snacks.

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