John Bon Jovi, Jesse Bon Jovi and Gerard Parton
Credit: David Fritz Goeppinger

Proud New Jersey native Jon Bon Jovi has taken inspiration from the Garden State throughout his career as a rockstar. But for his first foray into rosé, he decided to channel a different beloved locale: the Hamptons. During summer vacations, the Perth Amboy-born singer-songwriter and his family retreat to the posh village of East Hampton, where they kick back with plenty of the pink-hued wine — or as his son, Jesse Bongiovi, refers to it: "Hampton Water."

The casual joke ultimately sparked a serious idea: Why not create their own signature rosé? As Bon Jovi and his son were dreaming up bottle designs, they were introduced to French winemaker Gérard Bertrand, who holds an annual jazz festival at his estate, Château l'Hospitalet. From there, the trio saw a natural link between music and wine, so they began brainstorming a collaboration that would embody both the Hamptons and the South of France, where Bertrand's vineyards are located. They settled on a blend of Grenache, Cinsault, and Mourvèdre that they described as "fresh and lively, with distinctive minerality" and dubbed Diving into Hampton Water. (Bottles will hit shelves this spring and retail for $25.)

Hampton Water
Credit: David Fritz Goeppinger

After visiting Bertrand's wineries in Languedoc-Roussillon, Bon Jovi became enamored with the region. "It’s a storybook area with castles and ruins and rolling hills, and I really loved the architecture," he told The New York Times, also raving about the intimate, family-run eateries he encountered. "Americans haven’t discovered this part of France yet, and it was a pleasure."