By Stacey Leasca
January 15, 2019
ThatCheesePlate - JetBlue Cheese Plate
Credit: Marissa Mullen / That Cheese Plate

There are two kinds of people in the world: People who sleep on overnight flights and people who make totally extra cheese plates on their tray tables to fill their time.

Oh, you don’t believe me about the cheese plate part? Well, my cynical travel friends, let me introduce you to Marissa Mullen, the woman behind @ThatCheesePlate.

ThatCheesePlate - JetBlue Cheese Plate
Credit: Marissa Mullen / That Cheese Plate

Mullen is a well-known genius when it comes to crafting the perfect cheese plate and she often shows off her impressive skills on her Instagram account and website. She even provides her readers and followers with “cheese by numbers” guides, which act sort of like paint by numbers so you too can create the perfect cheese plate.

And apparently, Mullen never tires of her profession because over the weekend, while taking a red-eye flight with JetBlue, Mullen got to work on creating the perfect in-flight snack.

“Just made a cheese plate using the snack boxes on @JetBlue because what else do you do on a 6 hour overnight flight?” Mullen shared on Twitter alongside a few photos of her gorgeous creation.

Mullen then shared her method of creating the cheese plate, which looked utterly first class but can be recreated with economy items.

According to Mullen, she started her plate by ordering a “Savor Up” box, which comes with hummus, pita chips, bean dip, crackers, biscotti, and pitted olives. Next, she paired it with a “Party Up” box that came with popcorn, Fig Newtons, and the all-important salami slices.

Mullen noted on social media that the salami really was the crucial ingredient to making it all work.

Of course, none of this went to waste as Mullen also admitted to eating the entire thing, and enjoyed a nice glass of red wine along with it while “flying over Iowa.”

JetBlue more than loved her creation, tweeting out their appreciation and accolades for this true mid-flight piece of art.

If you’re looking to create something just as magical without getting on a cross-country flight Mullen is happy to share her tips for creating the perfect cheese board at home as well. All you need to do is follow her guide here and you’ll certainly impress your friends and neighbors with your creation (or, hey, just make something pretty for yourself).