By Jessica Plautz
December 22, 2016
Japanese ginger coke
Credit: Carla Gottgens/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Coca-Cola may be a classic, but that doesn't keep the company from experimenting to try to keep consumers interested.

The popular soda's latest innovation is a new flavor: Coca-Cola Ginger.

The ginger adds a “warm spiciness,” Japan Today reported.

Coca-Cola Ginger first debuted in Australia in November. There, it was promoted as a refreshing antidote to the summer heat.

“Ginger can have warm, aromatic notes,” Coca-Cola's South Pacific brand manager said in a statement. “The recipe we’ve created is refreshing and intriguing. It’s Coca-Cola but there’s something more. There’s a surprising yet subtle twist of flavor which is perfect for summer.”

According to Mashable, the ginger flavor is very subtle, and ginger is not listed separately as an ingredient. Instead, there's just “flavor.”

Coca-Cola Ginger will go on sale in Japan beginning January 23.