Meet your new favorite summertime treat.
Iced Drinking Chocolate
Credit: Courtesy of L.A. Burdick Chocolates

Here at Travel + Leisure, we know a thing or two about treating a sweet tooth. From planning your vacation around chocolate, to finding the best desserts in world, traveling as a sweets fanatic can leave you with some seriously delicious items on your bucket list. Well, we’ve got one more for you: Iced Drinking Chocolate from L.A. Burdick Chocolates.

Yes, everyone’s favorite wintertime warm-up is a toasty cup of hot cocoa, but what’s a chocolate lover to do in the summer when you want a refreshing treat? Get a rich, creamy, and delicious Iced Drinking Chocolate.

No, we aren’t talking about regular ol’ chocolate milk — that tends to have a much higher milk to chocolate percentage and a high added sugar content. This new iced drink takes delectable single source origin chocolate from around the world, mixes it with creamy milk, steams it together, then pours it over ice for a drink like no other. The concoction comes in three flavors: Dark, milk, and white chocolate, and is then topped with whipped cream and special Caribbean spice for a little extra flavor.

All year long the chocolate shop will be using different chocolates from around the world. Check out the schedule below and make sure to stop in and cool down on a hot summer day:

April: Brazil

May: Ecuador

June: Madagascar

July: Peru

August: Ecuador

September: Brazil

October: Grenada

November: Venezuela

December: Bolivia