By Joey Skladany /
September 21, 2016
The Hamdog
Credit: © Hamdog, Getty Images/Uppercut

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Australians have been known to eat a lot of bizarre foods, but it's the Hamdog that is currently raising eyebrows.

Featuring a patented bun to accommodate a beef patty with a hot dog down the middle, the revolutionary fast food item is the brainchild of Perth-based entrepreneur Mark Murray.

Murray, who brought his culinary invention to Australia's version of Shark Tank, was initially denied funding because of the presumed difficulty in securing a patent lawyer.

'Even [Shank Tank judge] Janine Allis told me that it was impossible to patent. She'll be eating her words now,' Murray told

Murray successfully patented his idea with the United States in 2009, but his official launch in Australia happened this week.

He hopes to quickly expand beyond Perth to the rest of Australia and then on to other countries.

“We’ve had requests of all sorts for gluten free, vegan and vegetarian Hamdogs,” Murray said. “Once the product is out there and that process is sorted, we’ll start experimenting.”

We're smelling a partnership deal with every state fair in America. And that partnership deal smells like pork, beef and cheddar. Lots and lots of cheddar.