This Subscription Box Sends You Food From Popular Restaurants Around the Country — and Helps Healthcare Workers at the Same Time (Video)

Your next slice of New York pizza could change a frontline worker's day.

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If you’re missing the simple pleasure of eating out at a new restaurant whenever you please GoldBelly is here to help. Not only will the service deliver you a tasty treat from restaurants all over the nation, now it will also deliver a meal to frontline workers at the same time with its new Give Belly City Subscription box.

“These are some tough times. While many of us are stuck at home wondering when we’ll next be able to see our friends and family in person, restaurant owners across the country are working hard to keep their businesses afloat and healthcare workers and first responders are working overtime to keep America safe,” GoldBelly said in its new product description.

Nurses receive food delivery
Courtesy of goldbelly

To help both restaurants stay afloat and frontline workers get the kudos they deserve, the company launched GiveBelly City Subscriptions, a meal delivery subscription shipping popular food from restaurants in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans, and Miami.

“With each City Subscription, not only are you helping to support local restaurants, you’re also sending thanks to those going above and beyond the call of duty to keep us safe, while getting a delicious delivery of your own,” GoldBelly said.

Bagels from Zucker's
Courtesy of goldbelly

Here’s how it works: For each monthly subscription (bought in either three or six-month increments), the purchaser will get a box filled with foods from restaurants in your chosen city delivered straight to the door. Then, GoldBelly will use 100 percent of all net proceeds from each city subscription to delivering GoldBelly boxes to healthcare workers and first responders.

Nurses receive food delivery
Courtesy of goldbelly

Want to know what’s inside each box? Well, it’s a surprise each time, but on New York City’s subscription page, GoldBelly says purchasers can expect “iconic” treats like “a warm everything bagel with lox,” along with a “sizeable slice of pepperoni pizza, cheesecake or babka,” and even “a classic black and white cookie or a mile-high deli sandwich.”

Go click “purchase” now and to honor both first responders and your very own taste buds.

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