Avocado Toast
Credit: Dylan + Jeni

You can make your avocado toast at home and save a few bucks, treat yourself to fancy avocado toast at a restaurant or café...or you can buy this house in Australia that comes with free avocado toast for a year.

It's a very trendy, um, amenity, for sure. But there is a catch: This isn't an unlimited go at all the avocado toast you can consume in 52 weeks. It's one order of avocado toast every week, free of charge.

So if you do buy one of the homes included in this delicious and very strange offer, you would reap 52 free orders of toast covered in avocado goodness. You do, however, get to choose which local eatery you get your toast from. The listing says it best: "...and to help with the budget we are including 12 months free avocado on toast once a weekend at your favorite café."

Considering the listing has the townhouses going for $595,000, that's some expensive avocado toast. But if you happen to find yourself in the market for a townhouse in Queensland, Australia and you happen to love avocado toast (and find yourself eating it at least once a week), you might have found yourself a deal of sorts.

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